Giving Back

Giving Back

giving back canine inspired

My family recently went through the painful loss of our beloved dog, Bauer.  During the process of learning that he had a serious illness, we visited an emergency vet clinic.  Although his prognosis was such that extensive care was not a realistic option, there were families at the emergency clinic who faced a horrible decision: pay thousands of dollars to save their dog or say goodbye.  

Watching one family say goodbye to their young dog because they could not afford the treatment broke our hearts.   

It is for this reason, that we decided to give back by donating a portion of every sale to our local emergency animal surgery center for those who cannot afford treatment for their dog.  It is our thought that, over time, if we can help even ONE family save their precious fur baby and give her the treatment she desperately needs, we have given that family more time to spend with their best friend while giving the dog a healthier life.  

No dog mom or dog dad should ever have to feel the pain of saying goodbye to his or her dog because there is no money for the treatment.  At Canine Inspired, we are doing the little bit we can do.  Know that every purchase you make helps with that cause.  

Teri & Mark and the Canine Inspired Family