Great Dog Treats You Can Create!

Great Dog Treats You Can Create!

Teri Chambers

As we discussed in our last blog, teething is a natural part of the development of a puppy. However, it can feel like forever when you have become his or her chew toy. Ouch!  

Here are some easy-to-make treats to help your pup with the teething and save your sanity in the process. 

  • Ice cubes - most pups love ice cubes.  What's not to love? They slide all over a tiled or hardwood floor and give the puppy something to do and then a cool nice watery treat when they finally catch it! YUM! Ice can be used as treats and it eases teething discomfort 
  • Frozen peanut butter bites - place smooth peanut butter (not crunchy) into egg carton by small spoonful dollops. Place in freezer for 4 hours or more. Give one to pup from time to time. Depending on age and size of pup, you want to limit this treat as it does contain a large amount of sugar and fat. 
  • Frozen carrots - place carrot pieces into freezer and give to pup as needed. Be sure to include this into the dogs overall meal plan so as not to over feed. 
  • Frozen yogurt bites - this one is my favorite!  I take a carton of 100% natural plain yogurt (no flavors) and pour half of it into a small freezable plastic bowl.  Then I add a tsp or so of peanut butter (smooth and creamy only).  I add a small amount of coconut butter (half a teaspoon).  I stir all of this up and put into a Kong toy or a bone and pop in the freezer for the day.  This requires that my dog work for it and helps the teeth ache.  These are special treats so I do not make these every day but I like to keep some around for times when my German Shepherd puppy cannot get settled down.  As you can imagine, this is not only helpful for teething, it's a good treat in general. 

There are many ways you can get creative and help your pup through the teething process.  Always be mindful of the things that are safe for him to chew.  If it has strings or small items, take it away from him.  If you give him a plastic bottle (great for teething), be sure to remove the cap, plastic around the bottom of the lid, and any plastic or other wrapping on it.  You want him to have the plastic only.  The sturdier bottles like used water bottles or soda bottles are perfect as long as those small parts are removed.  If left on, he will pull them off first and can choke on them or get them stuck inside an organ.  

There are some wonderful products on the market.  Be sure to read the reviews first so you know you are giving your dog safe items.  We use Kong toys because they are tough and safe.  My home is littered with Kong balls, Kong frisbees, ropes, and floating pool toys.  My dogs love them and they seem to be the only ones to outlast the competition.    

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